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Norman Boehm From a Small Town to the Big World


Norman Boehm’s story is a wonderful travelogue that sparkles with insights about a rich life, fully lived, richly detailed and evocative. This is true whether he is playing the piano (or baseball), meeting with his cousin Ingrid Bergman on the set of Anastasia, with Yul Brynner, or punching out a school bully who had insulted his partial German heritage during World War II. He ranges from Saudi Arabia to Poland and Norway, and across the United States. This is a rewarding and engaging reading experience.
BRUCE E. JOHANSEN, Frederick Kayser University Research Professor, Communication and Native American Studies, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Norman Boehm had an ancestry and upbringing that fully predicted his great talents, achievements, and graces. His book of memoirs provides exceptional breadth and depth regarding the key events which shaped his personal life's journey and the lives of many others. Coincidentally, an excellent summary of my U.S. Air Force career, from young lieutenant to a general in the United States military was written by Norman's wife Aleksandra in her superb book, "The Roots Are Polish". That book brought me closer to the Polish community in the United States and in Poland; but more importantly, it allowed me to meet enjoy, and learn from Norman Boehm -- one of my greatest pleasures. Norman and I spent many an hour talking about flying. While Norman's personal aircraft was small and light, he was a superb pilot and we spent much time together discussing the techniques and joys of flying.

DONALD J. KUTYNA, 4-Star General, U.S. Air Force, Commander-in-Chief, North American Aerospace Defense Command, Commander-in-Chief, United States Space Command, Commander, Air Force Space Command (ret.)

This is a story of a young lad who chose college far away from his small home town of Washington, NJ. He worked in the oil industry for 16 years in Saudi Arabia, 4 years in London, England, and 3 years in Stavanger, Norway. 23 years of exposure to the world’s diverse cultures and peoples gave him an unwavering respect and admiration for all citizens of the world.
This book is a recollection of the events, thoughts, and experiences of Boehm’s transformative travels abroad. It contains stories of classical piano lessons, learning to fly a small single engine aircraft, and meeting with his famous cousin, the world famous movie actress Ingrid Bergman. This memoir honors the remarkable life of a man full of adventure and travel all over the world.

Author Bio:
Norman Boehm grew up in Washington, NJ, studied at University of North Dakota following two years in the V-5 U.S. Naval Training Program. His top professional achievement was contract managing the construction of the North Sea oil rig installations of North Cormorant.


I found the book interesting and impressive. Norm certainly led a diverse and interesting life before you guys met and an even more exciting and fulfilling life after. His experiences create a fascinating set of chapters in his life, all of which blended to create the caring, courteous, thoughtful, loving and broad based analytical individual that Norm was. It is clear that you were the cornerstone of his diverse career and life and that you two shared a very special bond and appreciation for one another.I am sure Norm is very proud of the book as you should also be. Thanks again for your friendship. I've routed the book to others who had the pleasure and honor of working with Norm while he was associated with Pathfinder.”

Louis J. Cabano, Colleague and Associate of Norman Boehm, Chairman, Pathfinder, LLC


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